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Machinery Refurbishing

Many times it can be more cost effective to restore and / or retool a piece of existing machinery to like new condition rather than buy new.. Typically, rebuilding can be accomplished for 40 to 60 percent of the cost for a new machine. Additionally, your personnel are already familiar with the operation and maintenance of the existing machinery, which can eliminate training expenses. Rebuilding often allows for upgrading to more modern components and controls, plus increasing the machine efficiency and your productivity.

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machinery refurbishing program can help you maximize your equipment expenditures.

A typical machine refurbishment program will include:

  • Disassemble, clean and paint.
  • Inspect for worn and broken parts.
  • Check for possible upgrades to mechanical and electrical  controls.
  • Check for possible upgrades for CNC motion controls.
  • Replace worn, broken and missing parts.
  • Reassemble mechanical and electrical components.
  • Perform operational check out and calibration.
  • Provide required documentation.

Restore Your Productivity:

Our Engineering Department can supply redesign services for tooling, controls and CNC motion systems to further increase the efficiency and capabilities of your existing machinery.

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Refurbished Pill Counter Machine. Refurbished Pill Counter Machine
High Speed Filling Machine Inprocess. High Speed Filling Machine In process
High Speed Filling Machine Before photo.High Speed Filling Machine - Before photo
High Speed Filling Machine After photo. High Speed Filling Machine - After photo
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