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Robot Applications

Griffin Automation has extensive experience with robotics in the manufacturing area. With over 25 years experience in the automatic robot field, we can fill your complete needs using high-speed precision SCRA robots or multi-axis articulated arm industrial robots.

With our expertise’ Griffin can tailor robot systems to your needs for high speed small parts assembly and sorting operations, or heaver multi axis duty articulated arm robots. Griffin can supply robot welding systems for vision inspection, parts sorting and complex material handling operations; all in compact single-station work cells or integrated into complete production systems.

Our experienced Application Engineers are ready to discuss your robotic application needs in more detail. Please contact us for more detailed information.

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Robotic Welding Work Cell Griffin Automation, Inc. Dual station robotic welding work-cell.  
The work-cell is designed using a single welding robot servicing two adjacent work stations, allowing the operator to remove a finished part and load parts for a new assembly while the robot is welding the previously loaded part, thus maximizing  efficient use of the operator’s time. Click photo to enlarge

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