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Automated Welding Machines

Griffin Automation Inc. welding specialists can recommend the best welding process for application to your special product requirements, drawing on over 50 years of welding experience.

For new systems or production machine requirements, our Mechanical Engineering Department can design to suit your requirements and our Manufacturing group can build and fully test to meet your most exacting welding process needs.
Griffin Automation can retrofit Modern welding hardware to your existing welding machinery upgrading the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of your products.  Our Control Systems Engineering Group can apply PLC or CNC controls to upgrade your existing welding equipment. 

MIG/TIG/Plasma Welding

Dual-purpose systems (i.e. TIG and Plasma) can be equipped with Programmable CNC Control Systems, rapid torch changeover from TIG to Plasma within minutes, providing very versatile welding systems.

Pulsed MIG welding of thin aluminum and sheet metal components is another area of expertise of Griffin Automation’s Engineers.  Multiple systems for welding thin-wall aluminum tube to nuts, manifold blocks, or heat exchangers, developed by Griffin Automation, are working daily to service customer needs.  Pulsed MIG systems can be easily integrated with robots, manipulators, and hard automation for welding aluminum, steel or other alloy components.

Resistance Welding

Production of Resistance Welding Systems is the initial welding discipline that started Griffin Automation working in the welding industry.  From that start, we have produced countless Packaged Resistance Welding Systems.  If your interest is in acquiring a Resistance Welding Systems, Griffin Automation can readily meet your needs.


Also available is a line of Griffin Automation designed Weld Positioners, Turning Rolls, Head and Tail Stocks, which can be supplied as components for a single source turnkey weld system.

Contact our Sales department for assistance in providing a suitable weld system to fill your needs.

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PLASMA WELD MACHINE Plasma Weld Machine designed to weld large-screen TV picture tube frames.
Resistance Welding FixtureResistance Welding Fixture used on an automatic dial machine to produce 29 spot welds on an automotive air-bag canister.
Semi-automatic MIG WELD CELL Semi-automatic MIG Weld Cell with dual torch and weld monitoring equipment for welding an automotive steering system component.
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